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OBJECT_MATTER was an exhibition by Bachelors and Honours completing students in visual arts, all of whose practices revolve around a variety of playful interactions with objects. The works examined the potential of objects and the spaces they inhabit.


Honours student Rachel Jones creates series of objects and then instructs viewers to interact with them. Bachelors student Alison Roberts flips this procedure by asking viewers to create instructions for the artist herself to create artworks out of the objects in her studio. In this way the works defered the subjecthood of the artist and instead focus on the agency of the objects, materials and the potential of process.


The completing students exhibition is an annual event at the Switchback Gallery, showcasing the exciting range of approaches and the strong engagement with contemporary art practice within the Gippsland Centre for Art and Design.


Image: Rachel Jones, Waiting, Watching, Being Watched 2014, Digital Image. Photograph by Lauren Marr.

Waiting, Watching, Being Watched. 2014. Photographer, Lauren Marr

Closed 23 February 2015

An exhibition of works that contained both familiar and abstracted elements. Curated by Claire Marston, held at Cowwarr Art Space, Cowwarr. 


Exhibitors included Christopher Miller, Rachel Jones, Rehgan DeMather, William Young and Heyden Jackson.


Works from my If Life Was Like This - Wedding Series were included in this exhibition.


Further information about the exhibition and the Cowarr Art Space can be found at

Venice Wedding, collage and watercolour on board. 2012.

Closed 26 February 2015



adjective    ap·po·site    \ˈa-pə-zət\


: very appropriate : suitable for the occasion or situation


(Merriam-Webster online dictionary)


This exhibtion was conceived to provide a dialogue on anxiety, ways in which it may  present itself, while also providing proposition for alleviation. With sculptural objects and performance, Jones creates interactive and experiential work. 



"Rachel Jones’ sculptural and photographic pieces display a very courageous and individual personal vision, breaking through the normally stilted relationship between artwork and gallery visitor by inviting the viewer in to participate in the work in the gallery, or making the work performatively in public spaces and revealing the artist’s own vulnerabilities in the process. This work engages generously with the body and has a symmetrically generous humour about it. It’s risky, playful and highly intelligent work while at the same time being down to earth and real in the best possible sense."


Rodney Forbes

Out Of Place 1, digital image. 2014



Winter Night Festival as part of a ReActivate: Latrobe Valley initiative was held in Morwell on the 19 and 20 June 2015. Jones provided three distinct performance works for the Friday evening. The first being 'Tania,' an aspiring actress who just couldn't find her talent agent anywhere! 'Welcome' who wanted to provide a bit of joy and happiness to visitors with their shimmery face and outfit while handing out rose buds on a wintery evening. Lastly 'Gerald,' who decided to wander Commercial Rd in his wood cladding suit, and check that all were enjoying the evening. You can see what the characters got up to on Rachel's instagram account by clicking here.

Winter Night Festival

Closed 19 June 2015


21 October - 14 November 2015

In this exhibition Jones considered aspects of anxiety and gender with the use of performance and sculpture, in photographic and video form. The sculptural forms seen in the video work, Anxiety in Slow Motion, have been created to have a relationship with the body. Here the artist is using objects and the tick of a metronome, moving around the space and relating to the objects, as if relating to waves of anxiety.

The photographs displayed as part of this exibition, are part of the series titled Mirror Images. These convey the idea of how 'we' play a role, how 'we' choose to dress, behave etc, how 'we' perform for others. Considering gender, and the anxiety related to how we wish to be perceived by others, Jones has created several personas that can be recognisable as well as fanciful.

The use of personal experience, societal discourse and reference to art history build a layered narrative within these works.


23rd March - 10 April 2016

Winter Night Festival

August 5, 2016

The Winter Night Festival returns to Morwell as part of ReActivate Latrobe.


Jones will be testing a performance concept that will run for the six hours of the festival.

When: Friday 5 August 2016, 4pm - 10pm

Go to for updates on the festival

It's Never Been Done Before - a 24hr continually running performance from 28-29 October, as part of the hillscene LIVE performance festival in Mt. Evelyn, 2016.

mapping immediacy

October 28-30, 2016

HillsceneLIVE festival 2017

'...because we don't know what it is yet.'

10-12 November 2017

This is a [pro]test

A durational performance installation where visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the artwork by stepping into the performing spaces to form their own protest if they feel moved to do so. 

Thanks to Art Seed Pods and Art Rangers Network for their support of this project.

When: 11am-5pm, Nov 11.

Where: Birdsland Environmental Education Centre, 271 Mt. Morton Rd, Belgrave Heights.

For more information visit the facebook event by clicking here

HillsceneLIVE 2017
'...because we don't know what it is yet.'

November 10-12, 2017

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